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Fast Service

Dynamic & highly motivated professionals joined hands to establish Fast Service.

Safety and Guarantee

Understanding the importance of  Safe Delivery service as the first link in a supply chain.

100% Accuracy

We provide high-quality services with personal assistance through our 24/7 Support.

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We Provide Service Across The Globe

We offer a Global Freight Forwarding Network with our worldwide offices and also high-quality import-export service which is staffed by dedicated teams of the top experts. We have more than 30 years of experience in this field.

Freight Forwarding

Forward-Thinking Freight Forwarders

Import and Export

For the goods that matter.

Break Bulk Shipping

Breakbulk Shipping. Business Shipping.

Expedited Freight

Accelerated Trucking.

Who are we?

Delivering the World

SMJ Logistics is a leading provider of global logistics, breakbulk shipping, and supply chain solutions. SMJ Logistics caters to a large client base of Fortune 500 companies, businesses in the manufacturing, chemicals, retail, and energy industries.

We are expanding rapidly and are known as a fast-growing logistics company in the transportation business. Our employees are the backbone of our business. Each of our logistics experts executes the countless little things with great attention to detail and care. This is the reason our shipments are always on time. The result – happy, satisfied, and successful customers.